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To All Canopy Radio Listeners. Many of you have experienced an inconsistent Canopy Radio stream over the past month. We are aware of the problem and have identified a solution which is being rolled out over the coming days and weeks. We expect that the new solution will enhance the reliability of the Canopy Radio stream so you can continue to receive updates, teaching, music and more, no matter where in our world you are located. We apologize for the problems with transmission but continue to send us your feedback and stay tuned to Canopy Radio.
Your Canopy Radio Team
Canopy Programming

Currently, Canopy Radio programming includes:

Congress Global Transaction Event
It is the most important thing we have ever done. Follow the sacred sound of Rolling Thunder.
Worship Music
Callibrate your heart to the emphasis of the season with worship songs and music produced by the saints of Congress WBN.
Foundation Teaching Series
Revisit foundational doctrine and deepen your understanding of our Faith.
GBKC Prayers
As the TFM unfolded, Dr. Woodroffe prayed with increasing intensity over the download of the impartation into the entire GBKC.
Representation Teachings
Revisit excerpts from the Representation teaching series.
TFM Teachings
Listen again to excerpts from the Tracking Final Maturity (TFM) teaching series.
Canopy Radio Special Reports
Enjoy in-depth reporting on significant events and issues in the world of Congress WBN.
Canopy Radio Apps

Get Canopy Radio at home, the office and on the go from your mobile device.

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